Soccer fans hijack hashtag #ThankYouTonyPulis to mock Liverpool

When fans of Crystal Palace started tweeting the hashtag #ThankYouTonyPulis, they probably did not anticipate that it would be hijacked

But seeing as it's been hijacked by rival fans mocking Liverpool's undoing at the hands of their club last season, they might not be too upset. 

The hashtag started making its rounds on social media after club manager Tony Pulis' abrupt departure on Thursday.

The normal tribute tweets read something like this:


But most people were tweeting things like this:








They're all referring, of course, to the 3-3 draw between Crystal Palace and Liverpool in the Premier League in May - an embarrassing draw for Liverpool considering they had been 3-0 up, until they conceded three goals in the final 11 minutes of the game. 


​Source: The Independent, Twitter

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