Thai fans petition junta to kick out FA president

Scores of Thais have signed a petition addressed to the nation's ruling military government for the removal of controversial Football Association of Thailand president Worawi Mokudi.

The 62-year-old has helmed the Thai FA for seven years, making it through three elections despite being embroiled in several scandals.

A letter calling for Worawi's removal containing the signatures of 50,000 Thai football fans was submitted to the office of prime minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha, the army chief who rose to power following a coup in May.

Accusing Worawi of unfair punishments and mismanagement, fan representative Mongkol Santekuna said: "Worawi and his people have been unfair throughout their time (in charge). We want the government to return happiness to Thai football fans.

"We want him (Worawi) to know how much we hate him."

Despite the animosity towards him, Worawi was clueless as to why he was so disliked.

Speaking to AFP, he said: "I do not know why they do not like me.

"They are my opponents... so they want to damage my reputation as much as they can.

"I have already brought happiness."

Over the years, Worawi has been accused several time of fraud, embezzlement and corruption.

Source: AFP

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