Triple joint bid for 2030 World Cup

Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay will form a joint bid to host the centenary World Cup in 2030, the presidents of the three countries confirmed yesterday.

Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes had said in August that his country would join the shared bid by neighbours Argentina and Uruguay, which hosted and won the inaugural World Cup in 1930.

Cartes met with his Argentine and Uruguayan counterparts, Mauricio Macri and Tabare Vazquez, in Buenos Aires yesterday to finalise the announcement.

"The first meeting (for the bid preparation) will be organised in the first week of November," Cartes said.

"Other countries will be wanting to host, but there is a very strong argument in favour of Uruguay, which will celebrate 100 years since it staged the first World Cup."

Any bid for World Cup 2030 is likely to face stiff competition from Asia, where China is expected to be the front-runner to stage the Finals. - AFP