France 3 Honduras 0: The World Cup's first use of goal-line technology

A sending off, an own goal and the first use of goal-line technology.

France might have convincingly won their first World Cup match against Honduras 3-0 but Monday morning's (June 16) match will be dominated by three talking points.

Sending off

France's first goal came from a Karim Benzema penalty in the 45th min, which was awarded after Honduras midfielder Wilson Palacios recklessly charged into the back of French midfielder Paul Pogba who looked as if he made the most of the contact.

Wilson Palacios issued second yellow card for foul on Paul Pogba Wilson Palacios issued second yellow [France Honduras]

Own Goal and the first use of goal-line technology

France goal against Honduras c Goal line technology said what? [France Honduras]

Honduras' day was not improved when their goalkeeper was adjudged to have scored an own goal in the 48th when he mishandled a shot which rebounded off the post into the net.

The referee awarded the goal with the aid of the technology – the first time it has been used in a World Cup match to decide if the ball had crossed the line. Initially, it was credited to Benzema then logged as an own goal.

Benzema scored his second (and France's third) goal in the 72nd min when he rifled in a shot from a narrow angle.

Karim Benzema 2nd goal against Honduras a Karim Benzema scores his 2nd (or 3rdish) [France Honduras]

France will take on Switzerland on June 21 while Honduras will be looking for an improved performance against Ecuador on the same day.

Source: Reuters, GIFSECTION