Heard of Big Brother? Brazilian football club uses Big Mother to keep fans in check

For a football club in Brazil, it's a case of mother knows best.

Fans of Sport Club do Recife will have to think twice about fighting during a match, all thanks to the presence of their mothers. 

Violence has been a serious problems at Recife so following an idea from PR company Ogilvy, the club hired 30 mothers of fans to act as security in the hopes to discourage supporters from acting up.   

The mothers were seen during the team's match against Nautico on Sunday, patrolling the pitch perimeter in bright coloured vests with the words Seguranca Mae, which means Security Mums in Portuguese.

They were constantly shown on the big screen to remind fans of their presence. 

The club said the mothers received the same training as all other security officials and volunteers.

Photos: Facebook

“The idea was to make the most fanatical supporters aware and help in some way to bring peace to stadiums,” Aricio Fortes, the vice-president of Ogilvy, told Sport’s website.

“At the end of the day, no one wants to fight in front of a mother, especially his own.”

While Sport won the match 1-0, the club was also happy that there were no arrests. 

Source: The Guardian