I don't know: Quiz on S.League stumps Singaporeans but when it comes to EPL...

The S-League has been receiving some bad press of late.

And going by a recent video that SPH Razor did, public perception towards the beleaguered league is still wanting.

The SPH crew sprang a pop quiz on ordinary Singaporeans - testing their knowledge about the S.League compared to foreign counterparts like the English Premier League. 

The results are out. Warning for those associated with our 19-year-old league: You may end up heartbroken

While those quizzed could easily answer anything related to the English Premier League, they struggled when it came to teams on home turf.

They had no problems when asked who the current English Premier League champions (Manchester City) or the current World Cup champions (Germany) are.

But when asked about the current S.League champions, here's the outcome... 


For the record, the current 2014 S.League champ is Warriors FC.


They won the title on the league's thrilling last day when Brunei DPMM lost to Tampines Rovers on Oct 31. 

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