iPhone of the tiger: Boxer's mobile falls out during match

On Friday, the referee in a super middle-weight boxing match had to temporarily stop the fight.

But not because of a knock out. Something hit the canvas before any blood was spilled.

Held in Florida, the match between between Ramon Luis Nicolas and Marvin "Papi Gallo" Jones was stopped because Jone's smartphone fell out of his shorts.

The Toronto Sun reports that after referee Frank Santore Jr paused the fight to pass the phone to Jones' cornermen, a clearly embarrassed Jones bowed to all sides of the ring as way of an apology.

It is a surprise to some that boxer's shorts even has pockets.

It's more of a surprise that he took the phone in with him.

It is believed Jones, 32, had been listening to music on the device before the match and forgot to remove it.

Or maybe he wanted to take a post bout selfie?

​Not that he would have waned to commemorate the fight,

Nicolas won the fight by a knockout, Jones' fourth straight loss.

Source: Toronto Sun, Youtube