James Rodriguez and the giant grasshopper

When Colombian star James Rodriguez turned around to celebrate converting his penalty kick, a guest had landed on his arm.

Photo: Reuters

We thought it was the result of a sneaky Photoshop job but yes, a giant insect did make an acquaintance with the 22-year-old Colombian star during the quarter final game between Colombia and Brazil on Saturday morning (Jul 5).

Twitter users of course reacted to the incident.


Twitter screenshot: @Edgeofsports

Twitter Screenshot: @Rinaldopls


It was apparently not the first time that a grasshopper made its appearance in the World Cup.

Italian coach Cesare Prandelli chilled with one during Italy's group match against England.

Screenshot: Superstyle.US


Unfortunately, James Rodriguez will not be part of the World Cup festivities anymore as Colombia crashed out after losing to Brazil 2-1.

We will, however, be on the lookout though for giant grasshoppers in upcoming games.

Source: Wires, Twitter, Supertyle.US.



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