KLM deletes sombrero tweet after Mexico defeat

Dutch airline KLM on Sunday tweeted a picture of a sombrero and a moustache after the Netherlands knocked Mexico out of the World Cup and igniting a firestorm of allegations that that tweet was racist.

The picture, posted just after the 2-1 win put the Netherlands into the quarter finals, also said ‘Adios Amigos’.

The tweet, which has since been deleted by KLM, quickly sparked a social media storm of criticism with many saying it was racist.  “I’m never flying your shitty airline again,” Mexican actor and director Gael Garcia Bernal tweeted to two million followers.

“Planning your exit out of South American soon, slave traders,” said another angry Twitter user of the picture.

“Such a Dutch tweet - just the wrong side of funny vs arrogant,” tweeted another with the hashtag #mexicogate. 

Other reactions were more mitigated. “It isn’t right but most films show Mexicans that way, why is saying it any worse,” read one.

In response, Mexico's national carrier AeroMexico tweeted a photo of an “Arrivals” sign with the message: “We’re proud and await you at home.” 

Another day, another example of social media foot-in-mouth syndrome.

Source: Twitter, AFP

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