RACE 1   MS D2 6.20  
 -1200m (Polytrack) Stakes: $35,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 845282 Stormy Along 59 (48) D Flores 2 (4argg J O'Hara-Blue Chip)

2 3-8-96 Follow The King 56.5 (43) A Munro 8 (4nzg L Laxon-Follow The King)

3 0559-4 Live Well 56.5 (43) M Nunes 1 (4ag ZL Mok-Merry)

4 409958 Rising Ahead 56 (42) L Allpress 6 (5ag HW Tan-Calvin Koh)

5 0077 Money King 55.5 (41) D Beasley 5 (3amg T Kieser-Golden Fashion)

6 5-0595 Peregrine Falcon 55.5 (41) BN Shahrul 10 (3nzg Leslie Khoo-Neo)

7 -60002 Jade Win 53 (36) I Santana 3 (4nzg David Kok-Spade)

8 90-877 Triple A Plus 50 (30) TH Koh* c2 4 (4ireg H Takaoka-Bintan)

9 -00038 Soaring Win 50* (25) KT Cheng 9 (4nzm Sam Chua-Soaring Win)

10 -94000 Al-Hamid 50* (22) M Suhaimi c1 7 (5ag B Dean-GK Dynasty)

  RACE 2   IP 6.50  
 -1200m (Polytrack) Stakes: $65,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 7- Pure White 57.5 (51) A Munro 2 (4jpng H Takaoka-SKK)

2 32-20 Rocket Panda 57.5 (49) I Santana 11 (4amg David Kok-Northwest Racing)

3 55 Appreciation 57.5 (-) HK Cheng c1 10 (4nzg Sam Chua-Mawen Racing)

4Mario Attila 57.5 (-) Richard Lim 6 (4nzg J O'Hara-ACN Int)

5 9 On Twistter 57.5 (-) D Beasley 12 (4nzg T Kieser-MAS)

6 52 Smart Chief 57.5 (-) C Brown 4 (4nzg RB Marsh-Wilson Racing)

7Smart Move 57.5 (-) T See* c3 3 (4nzg J O'Hara-J O'hara)

8 6 Classic Effect 56 (-) D Flores 8 (4nzm Desmond Koh-Effect)

9 46- Horaz Samosir 56 (-) V Leal 9 (4nzm M Clements-Horaz Samosir)

10Mighty Astroboy 54.5 (-) K A'Isisuhairi* c1 7 (3ag S Yeoh-UNI)

11 -56 Power Lin 54.5 (-) M Nunes 5 (3ag M Walker-Happiness Come)

12Octivia 53 (-) R Rueven* c3 1 (3nzf L Laxon-Oscar Racing)

  RACE 3   C4 7.20  
 -1600m (LC) (Turf) Stakes: $55,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 56-13- Spring Thunder 57.5 (59) I Santana 7 (4amh ZL Mok-Spring Racing)

2 -10-94 Live In Hope 57 (58) M Nunes 5 (3ag M Freedman-O & T)

3 8207-2 Marcusino 55.5 (55) D Beasley 6 (6argg P Shaw-A L A Crabbia)

4 827246 Let's Talk Now 54.5 (53) KB Soo 10 (4nzg H Takaoka-Loyalty's)

5 4934-- Supermart 54 (52) HK Cheng c1 9 (5nzg HW Tan-Phan Nee)

6 864009 Joyful Heart Man 53.5 (51) WL Tan* c3 8 (6nzg B Dean-KS Lim)

7 272533 Stage Bright 53 (50) A Munro 3 (6jpng H Takaoka-Brighton)

8 94-726 Incredible Hulk 50.5 (45) I Andy c3 2 (9amg ZL Mok-Cananot)

9 400980 American Vision 50 (44) J See* c3 4 (5amg Sam Chua-Gladiator)

10 86-78- Golden Dominator 50 (44) SH Lee 1 (5nzg ZL Mok-Golden Dream)

  RACE 4   MS D1 7.50  
 -1200m (Polytrack) Stakes: $35,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 33-524 D'Artagnan 59 (48) S Noh* c3 5 (3nzg M Freedman-Mummify)

2 52823 Kingsley 57.5 (45) M Nunes 9 (3nzrig L Laxon-Oscar Racing)

3 079 Super Lucky Power 57 (44) WS Chan* c4 10 (5ag ZL Mok-Calvin Koh)

4 7-7899 Astroheat 55.5 (41) S John 7 (3ag S Yeoh-UNI)

5 --3970 Teochew Barrister 55.5 (41) O Chavez 6 (3nzg HK Tan-Fish)

6 0-6805 Exceptional Choice 54.5 (39) E Aslam c1 8 (3ag B Dean-Dean)

7 35569- Acordo De Paz 54 (38) B Vorster 1 (4brzg P Shaw-A L A Crabbia)

8 090022 Jet Set 52.5 (35) V Leal 3 (4ag Sam Chua-Jet Racing)

9 009080 Good Suggestion 50* (29) TH Koh* c2 4 (4nzg Desmond Koh-Triple K)

10 0-0070 Chinese Tycoon 50* (22) K A'Isisuhairi* c1 2 (5nzg Sam Chua-Sam Chua)

  RACE 5   C3 8.20  
 -1600m (LC) (Turf) Stakes: $75,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 870521 Don Platense 57 (74) V Leal 1 (5argg M Clements-Indigenous)

2 151236 World War 56 (72) A Munro 4 (5ag Leslie Khoo-Empress Wu)

3 690879 Bazinga 55 (70) R Shafiq* c1 5 (6nzg M Walker-Remarkable)

4 132721 Seasons Echo 53 (66) I Santana 6 (5eg D Hill-Season)

5 4341-2 Sweet Lodge 52.5 (65) M Nunes 8 (4am S Burridge-Lucky)

6 212012 Mr Armstrong 52 (64) B Vorster 3 (4ag M Freedman-Raffles Racing)

7 -99-0- Mr Magnus 51 (62) L Allpress 7 (4ag S Gray-S Gray)

8 056-49 Mulan 50.5 (61) TH Koh* c2 2 (6nzm H Takaoka-K Stable)

  RACE 6   C5 8.50  
 -1200m (Polytrack) Stakes: $35,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 3-2332 Genova At Work 57 (43) O Chavez 7 (7ag ZL Mok-Paiza)

2 -01906 Hooper 57 (43) J See* c3 9 (5ag C Brown-Oscar Racing)

3 145070 Humor Town 57 (43) S John 3 (6amh Sam Chua-Shen No 2)

4 070-00 Sacred Crown 57 (43) KB Soo 13 (4ag M Yusof-Loyalty's)

5 034534 Power Angel 56.5 (42) S Noh* c3 1 (7nzm M Clements-Blue Angel)

6 --1-31 Richeast 56.5 (42) I Santana 2 (7ag J O'Hara-K & A)

7 495747 Arapuni 56 (41) R Rueven* c3 4 (9nzg L Laxon-Silver Fern R & Linda Keng)

8 050-0- Morris 56 (41) D Beasley 10 (4ag HW Tan-CK Sam)

9 910-67 Volkov 56 (41) YF Leong 11 (7ag Leslie Khoo-KB Teng)

10 -99-6- Afrojack 55.5 (40) V Leal 8 (5nzg HW Tan-HW Tan)

11 462406 Jonathan 55.5 (40) D Flores 6 (4nzg L Laxon-Oscar Racing)

12 675--- Buzet 52.5 (34) S Sam 5 (6ag D Hill-Lady Luck No 2)

E.A13 837223 Regal Salute 54 (37) L Allpress 12 (4nzg M Walker-Remarkable)

14 805415 Fountain 53.5 (36) Unfixed 14 (5nzg M Yusof-Loyalty's)

  RACE 7   OB 83 9.20  
 -1200m (LC) (Turf) Stakes: $95,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 825207 Congo Zandor 59 (85) TH Koh* c2 4 (6ag Desmond Koh-Desmond Koh)

2 163147 Bahen 58.5 (84) J Powell 3 (6ag S Baertschiger-S Baertschiger)

3 --5-00 My Son 58.5 (84) H Amin* c4 5 (7ag P Shaw-Bernard Kantor)

4 56324- Sichuan Ruler 58.5 (84) J Kah* c2 13 (6ag S Baertschiger-R & W)

5 2748-4 Meteor Mike 58 (83) B Vorster 7 (7safg D Hill-Newbury Racing)

6 6 Sir Lovesalot 58 (83) C Brown 1 (5nzg RB Marsh-Tudor Lodge Racing)

7 156467 Natural Nice 57 (81) R Rueven* c3 10 (5nzg L Laxon-V-Day)

8 69-7-6 Matterhorn 55.5 (78) A Munro 2 (6ag M Freedman-Horizon)

9 7-1553 Savannah Dancer 54.5 (76) M Nunes 11 (5nzm M Freedman-Raffles Racing)

10 471359 The Rude Warrior 54.5 (76) T See* c3 12 (5ag David Kok-United Dragon)

11 214592 Flash Gift 54 (75) D Flores 8 (5amg J O'Hara-Saratoga)

12 8--111 Dragon King 52 (71) D Beasley 9 (4ag C Brown-Shiny)

13 -0078- Benji's Empire 50* (64) K A'Isisuhairi* c1 6 (7ag S Burridge-B&J)

  RACE 8   OB 67 9.50  
 -1100m (Polytrack) Stakes: $55,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 -12194 Harden Up 59 (67) TH Koh* c2 1 (4ag Desmond Koh-Desmond Koh)

2 926-70 BM Win 58 (65) WS Chan* c4 3 (5amg Sam Chua-BM Win)

3 432215 Cool Customer 58 (65) M Nunes 2 (4nzg RB Marsh-Drummond Red)

4Righteo 58 (65) J Kah* c2 4 (4nzg S Baertschiger-Don & Den)

5 901067 Imacruiser 56 (61) HK Cheng c1 8 (7ag HW Tan-Phan Nee No 2)

6 27-1-2 Faithfully 55.5 (60) O Chavez 5 (3ag HW Tan-Hwa Yi)

7 052221 Verglatica 50 (49) K A'Isisuhairi* c1 6 (4ireg S Burridge-Equus Racing)

8 666212 Solid Wood 50* (48) L Allpress 7 (8ag ZL Mok-Sharon No.2)

  RACE 9   KS-D 10.20  
 -1800m (LC) (Turf) Stakes: $35,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 970457 Prince Mag 58 (55) S Noh* c3 14 (5ireg M Walker-Lucky)

2 301096 Bravo 58 (51) TH Koh* c2 2 (4nzg Desmond Koh-KL Koh)

3 70757 No Nonsense 56.5 (50) WS Chan* c4 6 (4nzg M Walker-Te Akau Racing)

4 -97415 Zipangu 56.5 (50) I Santana 9 (4jpng H Takaoka-Big Valley)

5 54-395 My Dancing Duel 56.5 (49) A Munro 8 (4nzg C Brown-Shergar)

6 830786 Thebuzzdownunder 56.5 (49) M Nunes 10 (4ag B Dean-Dean)

7 -66146 Klever Warrior 56.5 (48) D Beasley 4 (4ag S Baertschiger-DS Racing)

8 506942 Brilliant Power 56.5 (47) V Leal 11 (5nzg Sam Chua-Platinum Racing)

9 4222-1 Callide River 55 (45) C Brown 12 (3ag S Burridge-Mdm J A Young)

10 508-69 Disco 55 (43) L Allpress 1 (5nzg S Gray-That's Entertainment)

11 518494 Royal Brat 55 (43) R Shafiq* c1 13 (7ag D Hill-Middle Kingdom)

12 48-673 Vantage 55 (43) J Powell 7 (4nzg S Baertschiger-MA Racing)

13 -80-0- Joyce 52 (31) WL Tan* c3 3 (5nzm ZL Mok-Bombaata)

14 -5-653 Super Velox 50.5 (26) HK Cheng c1 5 (5nzg Leslie Khoo-Happy)

RACE 1 (1,200M)

1 Stormy Along HHH Placed past two runs in similar maidens. Gets his chance here.2 Follow The King HH Still green but has some ability. Could show up.3 Live Well HHH Led and battled on well in first start with blinkers. Should give a bold sight.4 Rising Ahead HH Both runs back since resuming have been sound. Should be thereabouts again.5 Money King H Better effort last time. Could show up.6 Peregrine Falcon H Blinkers off. Has been running over longer and on turf. Watch market.7 Jade Win HHH Placed in Class 5 last outing and subsequently won trial. Should race well from good gate.8 Triple A Plus H Has shown some early speed but fades. Needs to improve.9 Soaring Win H Also needs to improve.10 Al-Hamid H Long-term maiden with a placing from 24 starts.

RACE 2 (1,200M)

1 Pure White HH Well drawn and should get a nice run although better over longer.2 Rocket Panda HHH Faded badly last start but recent trial was sound. Should be near the lead all the way.3 Appreciation HH Good efforts both starts. Should be thereabouts again.4 Mario Attila H Average effort at trial. Bred for longer.5 On Twistter H Poorly drawn but could give a sight.6 Smart Chief HHH Has put in bold efforts in both starts. Hard to beat.7 Smart Move H Pushed to win trial in slow time. Watch market.8 Classic Effect HHH Blinkers off after being heavily supported at only start and just battled. Should improve.9 Horaz Samosir H Tongue tie on. Resuming. Has not shown a lot to date.10 Mighty Astroboy H Did not show up at trial.11 Power Lin HHH Trialled well but yet to do a lot in his races. Should improve.12 Octivia HHH Pushed but won trial recently. Has no weight and the ace.

RACE 3 (1,600M)

1 Spring Thunder HHH Has won and been placed past two mile outings. Kept fresh and races well that way.2 Live In Hope HHH Solid effort over 1,400m last outing. Each-way.3 Marcusino HHH Good effort over 1,600m on Poly last outing. Has been tested on turf over this trip and should give a sight.4 Let's Talk Now HHH Saddle slipped last start. Was placed over this trip three starts back but best form is over shorter.5 Supermart HH Resuming. Has been racing well but eligible for easier.6 Joyful Heart Man H Having second run since changing stables. Has not won for two years. Needs to improve on recent runs.7 Stage Bright HH Frustrating horse who is yet to win in Singapore and best form is on Polytrack.8 Incredible Hulk H Veteran stayer who may want easier.9 American Vision H Recent form poor and wants easier.10 Golden Dominator H Fair effort last start but has failed in all four attempts over a mile.

RACE 4 (1,200M)

1 D'Artagnan HHH Just missed two starts back on turf over this journey. Claim helps and should be handy all the way.2 Kingsley HHH Drawn out but has Nunes. Placed in three of his five Poly outings including two over this distance.3 Super Lucky Power H Well beaten in three starts to date.4 Astroheat HH Blinkers on and trialled fairly recently. Could improve.5 Teochew Barrister HH Placed over this trip four starts back and has struggled over longer journeys since. Could show up.6 Exceptional Choice H Battles away but yet to place from seven starts.7 Acordo De Paz HH Drops back to 1,200m and has been placed over this trip before. Could run a bold race from the ace.8 Jet Set HHH Pacifiers have helped. Has been placed past two outings over 1,000m and 1,100m in Class 5. Drawn well.9 Good Suggestion H Needs to improve.10 Chinese Tycoon H 43 starts and still trying to break through.

RACE 5 (1,600M)

1 Don Platense HHH Resuming after bleeding attack. Won recent trial. Could show up fresh.2 World War HHH Placed behind Bendicion over a mile two starts back. Goes well for Munro and hard to beat.3 Bazinga H Short-course sprinter tested over the mile.4 Seasons Echo HHH Came from well back for strong win in a good Class 4 over 1,600m last outing. Should be up to this.5 Sweet Lodge HHH Blinkers. Rarely runs a bad race and has won twice over the mile. Gets well back but will be running on.6 Mr Armstrong HHH Racing in good form in easier races. Unlucky not to win last start. Consistent and suited over 1,600m.7 Mr Magnus H Blinkers off. Distanced on resuming and will need to improve to threaten in this.8 Mulan H Useful mare but this may be too hard.

RACE 6 (1,200M)

1 Genova At Work HHH Getting costly for supporters. Overdue and must win soon.2 Hooper HHH Not far away last start and very much appreciates Class 5.3 Humor Town HHH Recent form looks hopeless but should improve lengths first time in Class 5 on best surface/trip.4 Sacred Crown HH Disappointing of late and drawn badly but another who improves in this company.5 Power Angel HHH Thereabouts of late. Worth a serious look with Noh's claim from gate 1.6 Richeast HHH This field has depth but won two of his last three, so have to respect.7 Arapuni HH Disappointing last start with support in similar affair but worth another look.8 Morris HH Tongue tie goes on after excuses in first-up run. Keep safe at value.9 Volkov HH Wide gate a concern but has speed. Cheeky run expected.10 Afrojack HH Improved effort last start. Might pay to include in skinny end of exotics.11 Jonathan H Has speed but disappoints more often than not.12 Buzet HH Resuming. Versatile enough to include somewhere.13 Regal Salute E1 HH Overdue for a result and have to respect if he gets a start.14 Fountain E2 HH Been in OK form of late. Worth some thought.

RACE 7 (1,200M)

1 Congo Zandor HHH Smart and first-up run in Singapore good enough to think he could win this with handy 2kg claim.2 Bahen HHH In form and this race looks very suitable. Big show.3 My Son H Disappointing last couple but might appreciate switch to turf.4 Sichuan Ruler HHH Resuming and trialling very well. Could win with 2kg claim.5 Meteor Mike HHH Honest. Will find this a lot easier than some recent outings.6 Sir Lovesalot HHH Very much appreciates solid Singapore debut. Looks well placed from gate 1.7 Natural Nice HHH Resuming. Should go well enough first-up to think he plays in the finish value.8 Matterhorn HH Doesn't win out of turn but will be in this a long way.9 Savannah Dancer HHH Close-up similar affair last start at value and gets Nunes aboard.10 The Rude Warrior H Will find this too short.11 Flash Gift HHH Progressive type who went close last start. Can follow although this obviously tougher.12 Dragon King HH Resuming up in class after hat-trick of wins. Watch market movements.13 Benji's Empire H Cheeky run expected with light weight but should be outclassed.

RACE 8 (1,100M)

1 Harden Up HHH First run back in Singapore after a showing plenty while based in Malaysia. Market watch in order.2 BM Win HHH Has been found out late last couple but will stay on and win a race like this soon.3 Cool Customer HHH Interesting choice of race, given all runs have been over 1,400m on turf but form good enough to follow.4 Righteo H Former Kiwi who has had a couple of quiet trials. Tote best guide.5 Imacruiser HH Back in trip a good move but really needs to be ridden forward to have a show.6 Faithfully HHH In form. Looks to have found a suitable field to win.7 Verglatica H Resuming after winning maiden over 1,700m. Later.8 Solid Wood HH Backed up Class 5 win with a good run and not the worst here with just 50kg.

RACE 9 (1,800M)

1 Prince Mag H Excuses last start but easier to ignore from gate 14.2 Bravo HH Can find trouble but last win was this trip/grade, so keep safe.3 No Nonsense HH Shown glimpses and might appreciate this trip on the turf.4 Zipangu HHH Will hit the line as good as any and have to respect.5 My Dancing Duel HHH Very much appreciates 1,800m. Late work at start suggests he goes close in this.6 Thebuzzdownunder HHH Excuses last start not to be in the winning mix. Should figure in the finish.7 Klever Warrior HH Will battle on late but only win was on the Poly.8 Brilliant Power HHH Supported and almost got the chocolates last start. 9 Callide River HHH Broke maiden status in fine fashion. Pay to follow in what is a suitable race.10 Disco H Needs easier than this.11 Royal Brat HHH Back on the turf in his favour and showed more than enough last start to consider.12 Vantage HHH Solid stayer who keeps a few honest.13 Joyce H No.14 Super Velox HH Long-term maiden but puts in the odd good one.- Larry Foley is from