Let's not forget them: 7 hottest referees that you will see in Brazil

It seems like the only time we remember referees iswhen we shout 'referee kayu!'

And with all of the hot footballers stealing some limelight, we thought a little love should go to the referees officiating the World Cup this year.

So here are the 7 hottest referees to look out for in Brazil this month.

1. Dr Felix Brych

Not only is German Dr Brych hot, but he is also smart! He is a qualified doctor of law and wrote his doctorate about sports. We will make sure not to question his judgment then.


2. Ben Williams

This high school teacher has taken unpaid leave to referee at the 2014 World Cup because it is his dream. He said that no other Australian referee has gone past the first game at the World Cup level before but we're hoping he will be the first. There can never be too many fine men running about on the pitch. 


3. Howard Webb

This Englishman is arguably one of the more well-known referees in the world as he also referees in the Premiere League. He was also the referee for the last World Cup final between Netherlands and Spain. And if he looks like this while sprinting, I hope he will stay in the tournament for as long as possible. 


4. Wilmar Roldan

If things don't go well for the team you are supporting, here's to hoping that this baby-faced Colombian, who is also the youngest referee this year, will make you feel better. 

Looks like he can keep his cool even if things are not going his way. 


5. Nicola Rizzoli

More often than not, this Italian referee is sporting a frown on his face. But at least he looks good...


6. Nestor Pitana

Yes, that hair/combover is a little unfortunate. But the Argentine more than makes up for it with his fit body and swag (see below, left).


7. Bjorn Kuipers

That perfect coif is not accidental ladies. Besides refereeing, this dutch man also owns a hair salon. Hope this means he will always be sporting great hair. 


Source: Daily Mail, FIFA, SMH, Sydney Morning Herald

Photos: AFP, Reuters, Twitter


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