Manchester United ban fans from taking tablets to Old Trafford

Manchester United have imposed an immediate ban on supporters using electronic devices larger than 15cm by 10cm at all games played at Old Trafford. 

The Daily Mail reported that the announcement, made via e-mail, was made to fans coming to Old Trafford ahead of their pre-season friendly against Valencia on Tuesday night (Aug 12). 

The match is Louis van Gaal's first match in front of a home crowd. 

The announcement means that most of the popular tablets in the market such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple's iPads are no longer allowed on the grounds.

The Daily Mail reported that the growing trend of using tablets at games blocks the views of other supporters and also raises the fear of supporters recording large portions of the games.

This is what it's like being behind a fan with a tablet at a Backstreet Boys concert in KLCC in 2013. Photo: YouTube screen grab/paddypos

​So for Manchester United fans in the coming season, at least there will be unhindered views of the pitch. And not a view as the one above the next time they attend a home game. ​

Source: Daily Mail, YouTube

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