New Clippers owner Steve Ballmer gets too enthusiastic in his introduction speech

Coming out to Eminem's "Lose yourself", Former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer ushered in a new era of in the history of NBA team, Los Angeles Clippers.

At a rally to introduce himself as the new owner of the team, Steve Ballmer showed slightly quite a lot of enthusiasm to the audience at the Staples Centre on Monday (Aug 19).

How much?

This much. Photo: AFP

Enough for him start screaming into the microphone and get his face all scrounged up.

Business Insider reports that the former Microsoft CEO is known to get emotional when during his speeches.

It was no different for this speech, not only  did he got the crowd to cheer on the team who was with him onstage, he also tried to build rapport with the fans by telling them that even though he lives in Seattle, he loves the city of Los Angeles.

He also, for some reason, gave away his e-mail address (

All in all though the crowd seems to appreciate the enthusiasm considering that the controversy that was brought by the last owner of their team

Ballmer paid a record $2 billion (S$2.49 billion) for the Clippers in a sale that was confirmed by an American judge last week. 

Perhaps his most memorable line:“We are going to be hard core. Hard core. Hard core. Hard core."


Source: Business Insider, YouTube, AFP

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