Christian Lee's favorite hangout spots in Singapore

If you didn’t know Christian “The Warrior” Lee from his exploits in the cage, it’s easy to think that he’s a laid back and chill kind of guy.

The ONE Superstar is known for his aggressive attacks in the cage, resulting in a 100% finishing rate for his 11 wins.

However, after the final bell has sounded, he returns to the man with a genuine smile and gentle eyes reflect his personality.

When not in the gym working tirelessly to improve his game, he hits up some popular spots in Singapore with his family.

“My family and I like to do stuff (around areas) like Gardens by the Bay, Clark Quay, and just everywhere in the Orchard area is nice,” he shared.

Lee’s love for nature finds peace in the Gardens.

“We just go inside the Flower Dome or the Cloud Forest.”

The vibrant night scene in Clark Quay may be its most appealing characteristic for most people, but the 20-year-old revealed that they visit it for a very particular reason:

“The Singapore Chili crab at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant,” he confessed. “That’s a spot we hit everytime.”

Orchard Road is a shopping haven, and while the recently engaged Lee enjoys walking around it as much as other people do, he and his fiancé have eyes for the other treasures the tourist destination has to offer.

“My fiancé and I love walking around there and picking out food in every stall that we can eat, especially the bubble tea there – Liho.”

Taking time off of training is a foreign concept for Lee, as he struggled a bit in thinking where he hangs out if not in the gym.

A peek into his hobbies when he’s in his second home of Hawaii offers a glimpse of why he prefers to visit tourist spots instead of finding a staple hang out spot in his hometown.

“I usually go to Moukleia Beach with my Fiance and dog Ace, or to my parents’ house to spend time with family, and the Tantalus lookout where my fiancé and I will bring food up and catch the sunset,” he shared.

Do you have any chill spots for Lee and his family to check out next time he’s looking to relax? Let him know!