Friday’s Singapore Stipendiary Stewards’ Report Highlights


BULLISH LUCK: Slow to begin; made contact.

SECRET MAN: Made contact; eased on two occasions.

GOLD LINE: Bumped.

KING OF THIEVES: Bumped; eased outwards; bumped again and unbalanced; blundered and checked.

MR TRY: Bumped; tendency to lay inwards; again tendency to lay inwards, resulting in his rider having to stop riding and straighten the gelding on a number of occasions.

ONE MORE ACHIEVER: Raced tight; brushed.

GIORGIO: Raced tight; brushed.

EASY MONEY: Returned as a roarer; had previously undergone corrective surgery for this condition.


CONILAD: Jumped awkwardly inwards; bumped.

GOLDEN DIAMOND: Bumped; very unbalanced; made contact; laid inwards, resulting in his rider having to stop riding and straighten the gelding on a number of occasions; raced wide.

TRETCHIKOFF: Made contact; raced wide.

RACING TALENT: Made contact; raced wide; returned having cast his off-fore.

DREAMPITCHER: Began awkwardly; shifted inwards abruptly; bumped.

SHAQRAA: Bumped; returned having cast his off-hind plate.

SKYHAWK: Bumped; checked; raced poorly.

THE WINGED DRAGON: Made contact.

TIZALOOCHEE: Returned lame off-fore.


GOOD BET: Lame off-fore; withdrawn.

OUR TOUCHE: Jumped awkwardly.

MIGHTY CREATION: Tendency to lay outwards; while the stewards felt that it had not affected the placings, jockey E Aslam was reminded of his obligations to ride his mount out fully to the end.

ARROWHEAD: Raced wide.

DRAGON KING: Steadied when tightened; had difficulty obtaining a clear run in the early part of the straight.

IMPERIAL BOY: Rolled inwards.

COURT CASE: Checked.


PUBLIC GUARDIAN: Slow to begin.

PRETTY ELUSIVE: Jumped awkwardly; bumped heavily; proved difficult to settle; hung outwards.

Jockey M Nunes, when questioned regarding the run of Pretty Elusive, said that after suffering interference at the start, he had to ride his mount vigourously in the early stages to obtain a forward position. Thereafter, Pretty Elusive failed to run on when placed under pressure in the straight and disappointed.

A veterinary examination revealed that the horse returned not striding out freely.

VINTAGE VERDOT: Jumped awkwardly.

PURE WHITE: Jumped awkwardly.

ROYAL CHOICE: Jumped awkwardly.

PREFERRED: Crowded; steadied.

SWAN SONG: Bumped heavily.

ASHQAR: Raced wide.


RAINBOW WARRIOR: Jockey A Da Silva replaced jockey V Duric on Rainbow Warrior as Duric could not make the weight.

BIG BANKER: Examined and passed fit to race.

KING SAVINSKY: Slow to begin; eased; laid inwards.

VERGLATICA: Rolled outwards; raced wide; cramped for racing room shortly after passing the 150m mark until near the 50m mark.

HUMOR TOWN: Jumped awkwardly.

HIPPO PROSPERO: Inconvenienced; eased when crowded.

RAINBOW WARRIOR: Returned not striding out freely.

GANNA: Raced poorly.


TOP OF THE TOWN: Began awkwardly.

FLYING WINNER: Began awkwardly.

GUILTLESS: Began awkwardly.

EVERTRUST: Slow to begin; inconvenienced; eased when racing tight.

STATE TROOPER: Carried outwards.

MING'S BOY: Jumped awkwardly; steadied.

CASSIS OOLONG: Bumped outwards.

DASHING: Bumped.

SO PERFECT: Bumped on two occasions; made contact; rolled inwards.

FLYING WINNER: Bumped; made contact; eased; steadied.

OCEAN STORY: Inconvenienced; raced wide; jockey N Juglall reported that the gelding had returned with his saddle having shifted back during the race.

BLACK BEAN: Rolled inwards.


BATTLE HORSE: A Munro replaced Duric on Battle Horse as Duric could not make the weight; jumped awkwardly.

DRAGON SPIRIT: Examined and passed fit to race; rolled outwards; unable to secure a clear run between the 400m mark and the 200m mark.

WONDERFUL KNIGHT: Jumped awkwardly inwards; bumped; raced wide.



CASTOR: Jumped awkwardly inwards; made contact.

TASSAJARA: Made contact.

LEE BANK: Jumped awkwardly.

PROFESSOR X: Steadied outwards.

TURQUOISE KING: Raced wide; hung outwards.


STOCK BROKER: Restless in the barrier; slow to begin; bumped.

BEAT TO QUARTERS: Jumped awkwardly inwards; bumped.

Q NINE MAC: Bumped; made contact; raced wide.

CHEETAH KING: Made contact.

SUPER BRILLIANT: Crowded; checked.


BELLUS WONDER: Rolled outwards; bumped.

HAPPY HAPPY: Returned lame off-fore.


SPLENDOR: Reared over at the start, examined and passed fit to race.



SERPICO: Inconvenienced.

CORDOBA: Rolled inwards; had difficulty obtaining clear running at the 100m mark until shortly after passing the 50m mark.

ROCK ESPRIT: Raced wide.

CLERMONT CLUB: Raced wide.