Friday’s Singapore Stipendiary Stewards’ Report Highlights


ONE MORE ACHIEVER: Restless in the barrier; eased.

SUN DANCE: Slightly slow to begin; crowded; steadied when racing keenly.

HACKER: Steadied.

GRAVITY: Proved difficult to settle; eased when crowded.

SUGARTIME JAZZ: Rolled outwards; raced keenly; eased; tendency to lay inwards between the 400m mark and 100m mark.

NATURAL NICE: Raced tight.

KING OF THIEVES: Raced wide.

MISS WAIMATAITAI: Jockey R Shafiq was fined $500 for dropping his whip over the concluding stages.

GRAND SEVEN SEAS: Jockey S Anandan reported that Grand Seven Seas was not striding out freely; a vet exam revealed no abnormality.


ONE FOR ALL: Bumped on jumping; steadied on two occasions; made contact; shifted inwards abruptly under pressure.

Jockey V Duric, when questioned regarding the run of One For All, said that the gelding did not have sufficient pace to lead and had a tendency to race greenly throughout. He added that One For All laid inwards when placed under pressure in the straight. His explanation was noted. A vet exam revealed no abnormality.

LUCKY SUGAR: Bumped on jumping; laid outwards.

SPEEDY MOMENT: Jumped awkwardly.

MS KIDMAN: Made contact.

LIM'S BESTOW: Jockey D Beasley reported that Lim's Bestow was not striding out freely; a vet exam revealed no abnormality.


ARROWHEAD: Slow to begin after jumping awkwardly.

GOLDEN MISSION: Bumped on jumping.

PATERSON ROAD: Bumped on jumping.

GUILTY PLEASURES: Lost ground after being severely crowded; held up between the 600m mark and shortly after passing the 250m mark.

Jockey M Kellady, when questioned regarding the run of Guilty Pleasures, said that from the 700m mark, he was held up when racing behind Golden Mission and to the inside of Let's Talk Now.

Making the turn into the straight, he attempted to come to the outside, but had to wait for Let's Talk Now, who was racing to his outside, to improve in order for him to angle outwards across the horse's heels to obtain clear running.

Thereafter, Guilty Pleasures responded to his hard riding and finished the race well. His explanation was noted. A vet exam revealed that the horse returned not striding out freely.

DRAGON KING: Hung inwards.

GOLDEN MISSION: Difficult to settle in the early stages.


ALIBI: Bumped on jumping; bumped again shortly after.

LUCKY COIN: Bumped on jumping.

LADY IFFRAAJ: Bumped; shifted inwards after jumping awkwardly and made contact with War Citi; held up between the 500m and the 300m.

LUCKY BOY: Raced wide.

STAR GENIUS: Returned having cast her near-hind plate.


ROAN RANGER: Lost considerable ground after beginning awkwardly.

REAL GOODMAN: Jumped awkwardly; slow into stride after making contact with Tembusu Estrela.

RAINBOW WARRIOR: Bumped on jumping; crowded; laid outwards.

NATURAL WATER: Bumped on jumping; crowded and turned inwards.

LION WAVE: Jumped extremely awkwardly.


SLAVONIC DANCE: Made contact.

APPELLATION: Made contact.

GYPSY STAR: Jockey K A'Isisuhairi, when questioned regarding racing in a more forward position than at the previous run, said that he was instructed to race in a midfield position. But, after beginning well and with no early pace in the race, he was caught wide and thereby elected to go forward. As such, he found himself racing in a more forward position than anticipated.


STOCK BROKER: Dipped on jumping.

SATELLITE GENIUS: Jumped awkwardly; made contact with the hindquarters of Beat To Quarters.

BLACK MAGIC: Raced wide.

RIVER OF GOLD: Hung outwards.

MONEY KING: Jockey S Anandan reported that Money King was not striding out freely; a vet exam revealed no abnormality.

LADY ROULETTE: Jockey N Juglall reported that Lady Roulette was not striding out freely; horse returned with a wound on her near-side rib region.


OLYMPIC ANTHEM: Restless in the barrier; raced wide.

EL MILAGRO: Restless in the barrier.

SEBAS: Lost ground after beginning awkwardly.

TASSAJARA: Began awkwardly; made contact with Olympic Anthem; shifted outwards and bumped Turquoise King; bumped.

GOT LUCK: Bumped.

GOOD NEWS: Raced wide.

PIONEER SEVEN: Raced wide; bled.

THE NUTCRACKER: Exhibited signs of respiratory distress after the race.


SUN MIRACLE: Trainer CT Kuah advised the stewards that his instructions to apprentice M Khalid were, if circumstances permitted, to sit off pace; raced wide; bled.

MY REACH: Bumped on jumping; raced keenly.

ROCK OF AGES: Bumped on jumping.

SEASONS ECHO: Bumped on two occasions; held up for a short distance making the turn into the straight.

CHIPS: Bumped on two occasions; apprentice R Azhar reported that the gelding had returned with his saddle having shifted back during the race; returned having cast his near-fore plate.

LIM'S ACTION: Raced wide.

MR CONNERY: Checked.

JUBILATION: Returned with a cut on his near-fore leg.


WONDERFUL PRINCE: Jockey I Saifudin replaced jockey O Chavez as Chavez was unable to make the weight.

ABOVE THE SKYLINE: Lame off-fore; withdrawn.

RED ANT: Slow to begin.

MR SPIELBERG: Lost ground after beginning awkwardly.

PANAMA CITY: Raced keenly.

IDEAL GUIDE: Raced wide; jockey D Beasley reported that Ideal Guide was not striding out freely; a vet exam revealed no abnormality.

GOBI RANGER: Buffeted; checked.