Group sporting activities to stop, as part of new guidelines: SportSG

Private trainers must also not be physically present with clients during 'circuit breaker' period

Group sporting activities - regardless of nature, size and location - are to cease, following the latest Covid-19 measures, unless such activities involve only members of the same household.

Private trainers must also not be physically with their clients to run individual or group programmes at home or outdoors.

These were what national sports agency Sport Singapore (SportSG) said in an advisory yesterday, after the multi-ministry taskforce further tightened measures last Friday as a "circuit breaker"against the spread of Covid-19.

While Singaporeans are encouraged to continue exercising and stay healthy to boost one's immunity, there should be no mixing between households during the "circuit breaker" period from tomorrow to May 4.

"There should be no mixing between households, and this means that private coaches must not be physically present with clients to run individual or group programmes at home or outdoors except through online channels," said SportSG.

This includes one-on-one private coaching sessions, as well as outdoor group physical activities, such as boot camp-style training, circuit training, group running or cycling, group yoga, as well as gatherings involving workouts, exercises and physical activity of any nature.

One should exercise alone or only with members of one's own household around the neighbourhood in open, uncrowded places, while observing safe distancing measures at all times.

However, Muhammad Faiz, 32, a freelance fitness trainer, told The New Paper that trainers are "kind of grey" about the rules .

"Many I know don't look to SportSG, but just follow the major guidelines that are circulating on WhatsApp. All we know is we can go to the park and do it (now). I'm sure some trainers will bend the rules."

While public parks and 15 open-air stadiums are still open during this period, other SportSG facilities such as indoor halls, gyms and swimming complexes will be closed.

SportSG added that one can also keep fit by doing simple exercises at home, or through online channels.

Fitness enthusiasts such as Ben Cai have already shifted their regimens indoors.

The 39-year-old, who used to visit the gym three times a week and go for outdoor runs twice a week, said: "Since March 20, I've been mostly working out at home. I ordered weights and a workout bench online but they haven't arrived yet.

"So, I started doing home workouts thrice a week and I mostly now run on the treadmill at home."

For enquiries on the guidelines, call 1800-344-1177 during office hours or e-mail