Hamilton hopes Alonso gets a better car

Lewis Hamilton is hoping McLaren can rejoin the Formula One front-runners next season, after years in the doldrums, so he can have more battles with former teammate Fernando Alonso.

The Mercedes driver, who became a four-time world champion at Sunday's Mexican Grand Prix, partnered the Spaniard during a tumultuous 2007 campaign that saw the more experienced Alonso leave at the end of the year.

The rookie and double world champion finished level on points and one behind Ferrari's title winner Kimi Raikkonen. While Hamilton has now won 62 races, Alonso's last victory was in 2013 with Ferrari.

He has endured three difficult years at former champions McLaren, whose Honda engines have been beset with problems and are down on power compared to rivals.

"Just wait until this guy (Alonso) gets a good engine," Hamilton said.

"I really hope for McLaren, which has a special place in my heart, that next year is a better year for them.

"I hope they have a stronger engine and car. Fernando's a tough cookie and I enjoyed the little battle that I had with him and I hope that we have many more like that."

The Briton said last week that Alonso was the best driver he had raced against as a teammate.

Alonso won his two titles with Renault in 2005 and 2006, and is still rated as one of the top drivers on the grid. - REUTERS

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