Low-intensity activities allowed to continue in indoor premises, but with strict measures

Indoor gyms and studios are allowed to operate from May 8 to 30, only if they offer low-intensity physical activities and with all participants and instructors wearing masks at all times, said national sport agency Sport Singapore in an updated advisory on Friday (May 7).

Under the tightened measures against Covid-19 sent out by the authorities on Thursday, these venues were not allowed to open during the stipulated period as they were deemed as high-risk settings if participants engage in strenuous activities unmasked.

But SportSG has fine-tuned the guidelines following industry feedback. It said in the updated advisory that such venues can remain opened if they offer low-intensity physical activities and with stringent measures in place, such as the wearing of masks. Participants must also not be in close contact with one another.

Examples of such premises are indoor public and private gyms and fitness/exercise/dance studios, including those operated by commercial enterprises, country clubs, golf clubs, private apartments, condominiums and charities.

But, no such facility will be allowed to offer weight, strength or resistance training of any form, and/or provide equipment for such training, as these are associated with strenuous activities.

To support those industry operators who are affected by the closure of indoor gyms and fitness studios, the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and SportSG will be enhancing measures under the Sports Resilience Package.

These measures, which will be on top of existing ones that industry operators can already tap on, will be announced in due course.

In a Facebook post, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Edwin Tong, said: "We recognise that the latest community measures have been challenging for those affected.

"Over the past few days, we have been engaging business owners and professionals in the sport and fitness industry to better understand their challenges. We appreciate their views, which have been helpful. 

"While everyone understands that the tightened measures are for the health and safety of all, which is our paramount concern, we know that overheads and other costs also weigh heavily on their minds.

“We have worked with MOH (Ministry of Health) and MTF (multi-ministry taskforce) to allow some low risk activities to continue under strict safe management measures through this heightened alert period, and we are working on measures to provide financial support for affected sports operators and professionals.”

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