Stellar show of sportsmanship at Commonwealth Games

Australia's women long-distance runners may not have won a medal during their 10,000m race at the Commonwealth Games on Monday.

But the trio of Celia Sullohern (sixth), Madeline Hills (eighth) and Eloise Wellings (16th) won the hearts of the sporting community by staying back to wait for the last runner Lineo Chaka, who represents the southern African nation of Lesotho.

While other runners had already left after the exhausting race, the trio stayed on the track for over four minutes.

As the 30-year-old Chaka neared the finish line -about three minutes after the second-last runner had finished the race - the trio and the near-capacity crowd at the Carrara Stadium cheered her on in a defining moment of sportsmanship of the Gold Coast Games, reported the Australian media.