KL Saturday trackwork


Metro A - 1,200m: Captain Jazz 41.6. Showboy 43. Mia canter/41.2. Laus Deo * barrier/36. Metier Star canter/gallop. Russell The Crowe canter/41.

Metro A - 1,600m: Stick Seeker 40.8. Mr Paulandre canter/pace work. D'Great Timing 37.6. Rising Glory 41.2

Class 3 - 1,200m: Righteo barrier/36. Taffetas canter/gallop. Silver Victor canter/39. D'Great Eminence canter/37.8. Jeram Village 37.6.

Class 4 - 1,200m: D'Great Rich canter/42. Sand Bank 39.2. Mozart Eclipse canter/38.

Slow work: Royal Easter. Red Empress.

Class 4 - 1,400m: I'm Coming Baby barrier/36. Arc Cara 40. God Helps Me * canter/38.2. Lee Bank barrier/36. Magical Talent canter/40.6. Mazandaran 39.8.

Slow work: Shellomada.

Class 4 - 1,600m: Real Mean canter/gallop. Twodollarmuppet barrier/35.7. Gold Kids gallop. Happy Eddington 42.

Class 5 - 1,200m: Sandy Might canter/40.6. Marea Negro barrier/35.7. Sharon's Star pace work. Booster canter/gallop. Jet Cosmo 41. Nova General * canter/39.5. Jango 41.

Class 5 - 1,200m: HK Dollar pace work. D'Great Legion 43. Good Vibrations * barrier/36. Eastwood canter/41.3. Speedy Warrior canter/39.4. My Touch * barrier/36.5.

Class 5 - 1,400m: Aussie Eagle canter/41. Snow Dancer gallop. Blossoms Sequel canter/37.9. Ready To Rock canter/38.8. Elf's Dream canter/40.2. Exciting Prospect barrier/35.7. Swan Song canter/39.

Slow work: Red Eastern.

Maiden - 1,200m: Ding Lik * barrier/35.4. Firepublicgame barrier/35.4. Sharp Blade 40.

Slow work: Big Paris.

Restricted Maiden - 1,200m: D'Great Magic canter/39. Song Kid canter/gallop. D'Great Supreme 40. Ghost Spirit canter/41.8. Patriot Eclipse * 40. Garryurra Princess barrier/35.4. Pendragon Princess barrier/35.4.