Yesterday’s gallops by Monday’s runners

Kranji racing


Nova Swiss * (B Woodworth) barrier/35.3. Forever Young barrier/36.1. Mr Fantastic (B Vorster) barrier/35.8. Sebas barrier/35.7. Speedy Dragon (Y Salim) barrier/36.1 Fortune Winner * 42.7. Raise No Doubt pace work. Constant Justice * 37.7. Good News (Woodworth) barrier/36.8. Elusive Emperor (N Juglall) barrier/36.3.

CLASS 3 - 1,600m: Valbuena (WS Chan) barrier/36.2. Classified pace work. Bandido * 36.6. Heracles * (CK Ng) barrier/37.3. Really Capable pace work. Tesoro Privado * (Vorster) barrier/36.6. Hidden Promise (N Hanafi) barrier/37.3. Lim's Regard barrier/37.7. Imperial March pace work/43.4. Kings Ryker (Chan) barrier/37.7.

CLASS 3 (1) - 1,200m: Queen Roulette * 37.7. Mark Eclipse (K A'isisuhairi) barrier/38.3. Justice Day * 37.3. Augustano * (D Moor) barrier/36.4. Bear Witness * pace work. Captain Jamie * (N Juglall) barrier/35.9. Sun Dream * (CC Wong) barrier/36.8.

CLASS 3 (2) - 1,200m: Splinter (Vorster) barrier/36.4. Secret Mission (E Aslam) barrier/37.6. Aotearoa * barrier/36.3. Crazy Times (Aslam) barrier/37.4. Longhu (M Kellady) 39.7. Xiong Fong * 36.6. Barnato (T Krisna) barrier/36.5. Mr Exchequer (Kellady) barrier/38.5.

CLASS 4 PREMIER (1) - 1,200m: First Light (C Grylls) barrier/36.8. Bayu pace work. Winterfell (Kellady) barrier/36.8. Ocean Master 36.7.

CLASS 4 PREMIER (2) - 1,200m: Colorado Prince (Hanafi) barrier/37.8. Magic Wand * (Juglall) barrier/36.1 Mr Clint * barrier/36.9. All My Eye (Salim) barrier/38.1. White Coffee 38.1. Only Win 42.2.

CLASS 4 NON PREMIER - POLYTRACK 1,600m: Keepitup (M Ewe) barrier/37.3. Wonderful Era (J Powell) barrier/36.6. Panache * (Moor) barrier/36.4. Target 42.1. Zac Ace (Juglall) barrier/36.2. Arr Flair 45.6. Yaya Papaya (Z Zuriman) * 36.5. Spur Me On 37.2. Falkirk Lead (O Placais) 36.6. Prince Darci * barrier/37.2. Smart Master 36.6.

CLASS 4 NON PREMIER - 1,200m: Rich Fortune (M Zaki) barrier/36.8. Grey Gatsby pace work. Ocean General 36.6. Elise * 41.4. Patroclus (T See) 37.2. Paragon Star (Woodworth) 45.1. Racing Talent (Ewe) 42.2.

OPEN MAIDEN - POLYTRACK 1,000m: Nova Classic (T See) barrier/37.3. Belt And Road * (CC Wong) barrier/36.9. Cape Lincoln (Powell) 39.8. El Tordillo * 36.7. Dontlookdownonme (Salim) barrier/36.5. Yellow Jade Horse 42.6. Able Pins * (Powell) 39.5. Champion Team * (TH Koh) barrier/37.5. Dragonite * (Placais) barrier/36.9. Gold Customer canter/45.8.

CLASS 5 - 1,400m: Precious Gem pace work. Spirit Seven 42. Magic Paint 37.7. Aeolus (Ng) barrier/37.5.

RESTRICTED MAIDEN - POLYTRACK 1,100m: Sattar (Vorster) barrier/36.4. Glamorous (Salim) barrier/37. My Gold * (Zaki) barrier/36.2. Sorbeta (Moor) barrier/37.9. High Limit (Saifudin) 41.4. Amanzoe barrier/37.8. Come And Take All 37.5. Eddie Gray pace work. Lucky Red (Ng) barrier/38.