Yesterday's Penang workouts by horses engaged on Sunday

Yesterday's Penang workouts by horses engaged on Sunday

CLASS 4 (A) - 1,200M:

Fat Power canter/37.8. Chopin's Nocturne canter/43.2. Audacious canter/38.5.

Pace work: Polo Boy.

CLASS 4 (B) - 1,200M:

Cizen canter/39.5. Bull Spur 39.3. Polo Tycoon 42.6. Bellus Wonder canter/38.2.

Pace work: You Are Genius.

CLASS 5 - 1,100M:

D'Great Ace canter/40.1. Lee's Surprise canter/44.2.

Pace work: Marco Polo, Our Friendly Diva, Ghost City, Warn You Man and Rangitaiki.

CLASS 5 (A) - 1,300M:

One O Nine 39.3. Fortyeight Queen canter/38.9.Mr Whyte 44.4. Swiss Bank canter/38.1. Superb Seven 41.8.

Pace work: Our River Dancer and Our Genius.,

CLASS 5 (A) - 1,300M:

King Savinsky canter/43.5. Battle Plan 41.3.

CLASS 5 (B) - 1,300M:

Colonel Lincoln * 39.9. Turned Out canter/39.6.Home Run Hero canter/44.1.

Pace work: Elusive Genius, Supreme Sasso and Cabrera.

CLASS 5 (B) - 1,300M:

How Huge 41.2.Rich And Smart canter/44.1.

Pace work: Mr Jai, Travertine

Hacker and Royal Choice.

MAIDEN - 1,300M:

Flying Journey canter/41.3. Snaggle Puss canter/40. Mystical Star canter/39.9.

Pace work: Pulau Pinang, Grand Canyon.