Singapore Football

LionsXII to play Selangor at Jalan Besar

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) announced yesterday that the returfing of the Jalan Besar Stadium's artificial pitch had been completed ahead of time.

The venue will now host Saturday's Malaysian Super League match against Selangor, which was tentatively pencilled in to be played at Bishan Stadium had Jalan Besar not been ready.

Over the last two seasons, the LionsXII have won 25 of 35 games played there, and lost just three times.

The upgraded pitch - which was funded by Fifa under it's Goal Programme - is graded as a Fifa two-star pitch, and has a cooler surface temperature as compared to the previous one.

LionsXII assistant coach Nazri Nasir, has had a first-hand look at the pitch and said: "It's a softer surface and the turf is thicker, so the ball moves quicker.

"Hopefully, it will help us because we have fast attacking players. But it's hard to say how our players will cope on Saturday because it will be a new experience for them." - SAZALI ABDUL AZIZ