Six scandals that have hit the Asian Games

The 2014 Incheon Asian Games has seen sporting records fall as athletes push to be faster, higher and stronger.

But the event has also had more than its fair share of controversies - both silly and serious. 

1. China accuses South Korea of fiddling with the air-con to win at badminton

China's badminton coach Li Yongbo said South Korea was able to defeat China in the men's team final due to "man-made reasons".

“We did not lose because of technique or tactics, but due to some man-made reasons. The South Koreans deliberately controlled the wind blow in the stadium and took advantage of it. When we played with tailwind, the wind was very strong, but when the wind was behind them, they shut down the air conditioning.

Li Yongbo

The tournament's events manager Chooi Weng Sheng from the Badminton Asia Confederation said there was no evidence of foul play. 

“We have never received any official complaint from them or from the players,” he said.

2. Chinese swimmer attacks Japan national anthem

Chinese swimmer Sun Yang had to apologise for calling Japan's national anthem "ugly".

Attributing the reports to what he called a "misunderstanding" he said that he did not actually know about the anthems of other countries.

For the record, the Japanese national anthem sounds like this:

3. Japanese swimmer steals camera, gets kicked out of Games

A Japanese swimmer, Naoya Tomita has to pay his own way home after getting kicked out of the Asian games.

Naoya Tomita guilty of stealing a camera. Photo: AFP

His crime?

He was captured on video surveillance putting a US$7,600 (S$9,700) camera into his bag at the swimming venue on Friday (Sept 26).

He was charged by the police with stealing the camera of a South Korean journalist and his name was removed from the Japanese team list. 

4. The case of the missing Nepalese athletes

One sepak takraw player and two wushu exponents from Nepal went missing from the games

While they are still allowed to remain in the country due to their Games accreditation, if they are still missing come Oct 19, they will face charges of illegal immigration.

5. Match-fixing in the Under-23 football tournament 

Sportradar, a sports betting analysis company, told The New Paper that betting patterns at the football tournament suggest the tournament may have been compromised.

The managing director of Sportradar was not able to reveal which teams are under suspicion.

However, world football governing body Fifa and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) have been alerted to these unusual betting patterns through their fraud detection early warning system.​

6. Sexual harassment

A female volunteer accused an Iranian official of sexual harassment. Separately, allegations were made against a Palestinian footballer.

The Iranian official was thrown out by the Olympic Council of Asia and the Palestinian footballer has been barred from leaving South Korea as prosecutors are considering pressing charges against him. 

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