Check out the awesome art on this Suarez story

This ESPN story about Uruguayan and Liverpool star striker Luis Suarez is fascinating enough, but the visuals are stunning when viewed on the website .

Writer Wright Thompson goes on a quest to Uruguay in pursuit of the truth about Suarez, who "when he's not biting opponents, is the most beautiful player in the game". 

"Whether it was a tabloid calling him Cannibal! or The New York Times calling him Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz, the portrait is of a cheat and a lunatic. If someone breathes on him near the goal, he falls down like he's been knifed. He has bitten an opponent. Twice," writes Thompson. 

So Thomson wonders whether Suarez has been "batcrazy" since he was a kid and looks for proof about a story that the football genius had, when he was 15, head-butted a referee, making the man's nose "bleed like a cow". 

After a long search, he finally finds the referee and gets his answer.

The amazing illustrations are by Diego Patino

Warning: The story contains graphic language.

Source: ESPN