Eriksen reveals trick to taking free-kicks

Tottenham Hotspur fans feel an air of expectancy whenever their team get a free-kick around the penalty area.

That’s because Christian Eriksen has already scored three of them this season.

The Danish star explains that the art of taking free-kicks is as psychological as it is technical.

“Sometimes, football is a bit mental as well and hopefully you can make the goalkeeper think where you will go before you know it yourself,” the 23-year-old told Tottenham’s website.

“Sometimes you want to put the ball where you think the goalkeeper thinks you will put it, sometimes you put it where you know the goalkeeper isn’t going.”

Practice also makes perfect for the attacking midfielder.

“I’ve been practising for a really long time and now it almost feels like people want me to score every time and I see the opportunity to score every time,” said Eriksen, who hones his craft daily in training.

“I have the feeling and the confidence to do it, so it’s all about getting the ball over the wall and into the net.”

Source: Tottenham Hotspur official website, The Sport Review

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