Ronaldinho hates running - but gets special treatment for it

Don’t like running?

Not a problem. If you are Ronaldinho, that is.

Because of this particular disdain, the veteran Brazilian forward has been put on a customised training regime at Mexican side Queretaro.

Since the 34-year-old signed a two-year contract with the club four months ago, he has scored three league goals in nine matches.

Doesn't like running

Roberto Bassagaisteguy, a fitness coach at the club, told ESPN of his special training programme: “He does not do physical exercise — I cannot make him run because he doesn’t like it.

“He works in the gym with me, lifts weights and works with a group of special players. He does work on his speed, sprints and jumps, but there are things he doesn’t like. 

“Working in another way, they can still achieve the same physical condition. Ask the coach of Barcelona if he forces Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta or Xavi to run. Training has changed, as has football.”

It seems Ronaldinho’s star hasn’t waned over the years too.

According to Bassagaisteguy, the flamboyant attacker is still swarmed by fans whenever he goes out. As a result, he is more homely nowadays.

“He is confined to his home, surrounded by family, friends and visitors there,” he said.

“He cannot go to a restaurant. It is impossible to do so in Queretaro, as he would be overwhelmed by people. He just stays at home.”