Sir Alex cautions against rise of the machines

For Sir Alex Ferguson, less is more when it comes to using technology in football.

While he is for goal-line technology - which is being implemented in stages - the former Manchester United manager says the usage of video review and those of its ilk will undermine the referee.

“Technology will advance, I suppose, but you can't have too many things that are going to be discussed on a video camera, because then it takes away a lot of the power from the referee," Ferguson said on radio station SiriusXM FC, reported the Daily Mirror.

“In which case it becomes a bit of a shambles, because the game would be stop-start, stop-start, stop-start, and you can't have that.

"Goal-line technology? Yes, but let's leave it there.”

Critics wants football to follow other sports like rugby and cricket by using video evidences to review decisions, especially on fouls and sending-offs during the game.

However, Ferguson said: "I don't think you can introduce it for things like they're talking about - for free-kicks, yellow cards and red cards.

“I think it becomes really difficult that, because it becomes stop-start, stop-start.

“But I think in terms of things like wrongful dismissals, there's a there-man panel that sits there on the red card.

"But the strange part is that if you get two yellow cards, you can't appeal against the second yellow card, which I think its a bit unfair.

"I think the panel should be given an option for an appeal on a second yellow card."
- Wire Services.