Tevez prefers to let his boots do the talking

Sometimes, silence alone is an answer.

That seemed to be the case with Juventus striker Carlos Tevez, when The New Paper sat down to chat with him ahead of his team's historic friendly against a Singapore Selection tonight - the first football match at the Republic's new National Stadium.

The Argentinian was happy to answer questions about the game - "it is important for us to get more minutes as part of our preparations for the season, especially now we have a new coach" - and declared Juventus felt like his "home" ever since he signed from English giants Manchester City for £10 million ($20.8m) last June.


But, when it came to answering a couple of questions - Tevez can understand English but prefers to answer through a Spanish translator - he was far more reticent.

When TNP asked him about his exclusion from Argentina's World Cup squad that finished runners-up to Germany last month in Brazil, he winced and shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

Sensing it was time to step in, a Juventus official acting as a translator, curtly said: "We talk about Juventus here. No Argentina."

A few moments later, when TNP asked Tevez about his relationship 
with former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, whom he was rumoured to have fallen out with before a move to rivals City in July 2009 - the striker turned to the official again with an unsure look.

"We don't have to talk about this, thank you very much," said the official, before getting to her feet.

It was clear those particular questions were no-go areas.

Maybe it was apt.

Tevez entered the interview room with the book El Psicoanalista - the Spanish edition of John Katzenbach's The Analyst - under his arm.

The book's genre? Suspense.