The Standard Chartered Marathon 2014 story, told via socal media

More than 53,000 runners pounded the pavement early Sunday morning (Dec 7) for this year's Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore.

From waking up in the wee hours, to catching the train, to getting nervous at the starting line, to pushing through the pain and finally finishing, there wasn't any point during the process that the runners didn't capture on their phones. 

Read on for the story of the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore journey, told through the runners' social media posts on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #SCMS14.

Pep talk before the race

Runners were given a pep talk via Twitter by none other than World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler John Cena, just before the race. 

Early start 

Just for the race, the the organisers arranged for the trains to start earlier - the earliest train started at 2.29am from Bukit Panjang - so that runners and supporters could easily travel to the start point. 



Race excitement

At the start point, there were some nerves, but also lots of racers raring to go. 



We are fairly sure we would not have been able to keep up, too. 

Sights during the race

Runners running the route for the half-marathon had the pleasure of running through Universal Studios Singapore.

Which meant they got some pretty interesting cheerleaders.



In fact several interesting characters were spotted throughout the race.


Captain american #scms2014

A photo posted by xiamin (@newxiamin) on Dec 12, 2014 at 8:44pm PST

Captain America leading the way. 

Mighty morphing Power Rangers!

Is R2D2 walking?!

*Insert theme for Jaws*

"Oh the pain!"

Of course, what is a marathon without some pain?



Finish strong

Of course, half the fun of running a race is pushing through the pain barrier and finishing strong.


I wanted to give in to the pain, but then there's my surname printed on the bib #SCMS2014

A photo posted by JP Navarrete (@runjpnavarrete) on Dec 12, 2014 at 8:35pm PST



No pain no gain!#SCMS2014

A photo posted by ngurah wisnu wijayaputra (@ngurah_wisnu) on Dec 12, 2014 at 6:08pm PST


To all runners who completed your run - whatever distance you signed up for - The New Paper would like to congratulate you on completing your race. 

Rest up and refuel on your favourite foods to reward yourself after a gruelling run. 

Or eat a durian like this guy. 

Source: Twitter, Instagram, Sport Singapore