Tim Howard makes another great block - against enthusiastic fan

Tim Howard is no doubt a national hero in the US after his amazing performance in the World Cup quarter finals against Belgium.

He made a record 16 saves - the most by a goalkeeper in a World Cup game since 1966.

Need a reminder? Have a look at this gif of all his saves - at the same time.

Watch All 16 of Tim Howard's Record-Setting Saves Against Belgium at Same Time

Despite America's exit from the tournament, Howard is continuing his amazing streak.

As he landed at the Los Angeles International Airport, fans rushed to him to take selfies and ask for autographs.

One male fan decided to go a little further and went in for a hug.

But Howard swiftly blocked it leading to a cringeworthy moment for the fan.


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Source: TMZ Sports, Yahoo Sports, Bleacher Report

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