Watch as former Man City kitman recites poem to Pablo Zabaleta

It's not often that you watch a grown man deliver an ode to another grown man.

But trust the good fellows at Manchester City to get the ball rolling - on video.

Former City kitman Les "Chappy" Chapman turned presenter on City TV and marked the special occasion with a poem - delivered face-to-face to City hard man Pablo Zabaleta.

The magic begins at the 5.14 mark.

A battler, a warrior, in a war of attrition
That's Zabaleta, a man on a mission.

He's hard, he's mean, he's up for a fight,
daytime match or late into the night.

So beware you wide men, you are going to get ​whacked​
90mins of aggro and that's a fact.

World cup finalist, Premier League winner,
A man who eats house bricks for his dinner.

A team man, a leader, a role model too.

.............., you'll need the loo. 

But for all he is a terrific lad,
even his bald patch is not so bad.

A great pro any team would love, 
Sent to City by the man above. 

 Although we couldn't quite make out what he said after declaring Zabaleta a role model, we're still smiling at the heartfelt ode.

One question though, Chappy.

Since you acknowledged Zabaleta is a hard man, why on earth would you poke fun at his bald patch?

Threading a fine line there. 

Source: YouTube

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