Watch as French runner stages an epic come-from-behind win in race

"It ain't over till the fat lady sings" 

Floria Guei could have been thinking the French version of that to herself as she chased down the leading pack in the final leg of the 4x400m race at the European Championships on Aug 17.

The last runner in the French team, Guei knew she had a lot of ground to cover as she received the baton firmly in fourth place reported USA Today.  

With the commentators  focused on fight between the leading runners from Russia, Ukraine and United Kingdom, Guei ran a phenomenal last 150m ​to catch the leading pack and  knick first place at the very last moment.​

Just to underline how big a performance Guei turned out, her time of 49.71 secs was not only the fastest among the other runners in her leg, it was the fastest in the whole race.

So take a bow and Vive La France, Guei! 

Source: European Athletics, USA Today YouTube

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