WATCH: Not 1, not 2 but 3 pitch invaders interrupt Tottenham's Europa League game

Tottenham Hotspur might have won their Group C Europa League game against Partizan Belgrade  on Friday (Nov 28, Singapore time) but they could face punishment from European soccer’s governing body UEFA.

This comes after their game was suspended for several minutes following three separate pitch invasions. 

Ukrainian referee Yevhen Aranovskiy took the players off the field after 38 minutes of the game with the teams drawing 0-0.

The players returned to the White Hart Lane pitch about 10 minutes later and Spurs won the match 1-0.

Police arrested the three pitch invaders who appeared to be wearing identical branded t-shirts and British media first reported that it could have been part of a marketing stunt for headphone makers BassBuds.



They however have come out on Twitter to deny any involvement in the stunt.





A British troll group, Trollstation, has claimed responsibility for the pitch invasion.

And they have uploaded a video showing the prank on YouTube.



“It was strange," Partizan coach Marko Nikolic said.

"You can expect that kind of thing to happen anywhere in the world but not in England and for it to happen three times in one half was odd."

“I think it was a bit disturbing for both sides but I was not worried about my players’ safety.

"I think the referee made the right decision to take the players off. It sent the message that it must not happen again.”


"Three pitch invaders at tonight’s match have been arrested and are assisting police with their enquiries,we shall provide an update as soon as we have established the full facts.We apologise to fans for the disruptions caused by this totally unacceptable behaviour." - Tottenham Hotspurs statement

Sources: Reuters, YouTube, Twitter. 

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