Watch World Cup hero Tim Howard's cameo in this hilarious video for upcoming EPL

By now, anyone would be able to recognise American football hero Tim Howard.

He's the guy who famously blocked 16 goals in the World Cup game against Belgium.

But fictional character Ted Lasso, played by the always hilarious Jason Sudeikis, didn't.

American sports channel NBC Sports made this six-minute video featuring Ted Lasso, a "former Tottenham Hotspur coach"  and a pundit, to promote the upcoming English Premier League.


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Filmed in a documentary style, he meets Tim Howard at a local pub and tells him: "You look really familiar, you know that?"

Lasso asks Howard: "Who do people tell you you look like?"

Howard's reply? "Tim Howard"

Lasso shrugs that answer away and tells him that he looks like the "goalkeeper of Everton". (Yes, Howard is that goalkeeper)

Someone tell him what offside is

There are other gems in this video including Lasso's inability to grasp the concept of offside.

He tells Howard: "I mean, I think I literally have a better understanding of who killed Kennedy than I do what is 'offside'."

And for the record, Howard does know what offside is.

P.S. Can someone also explain relegation to Lasso?

Source: Mail Online

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