Youth Olympic Games: Uzbek trampolinist suffers spine injury

A 16-year-old Uzbek trampolinist suffered a spinal injury and had to be carried off on a stretcher during the qualification rounds of the trampoline event at the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.  

The incident happened Friday (Aug 23) while he was performing his second round routine. 

Amiran Babayan crash landed outside the trampoline. 

While he landed on his feet, he immediately collapsed onto his back and was unable to stand up. 

He was carried off on a stretcher and was sent to the local Nanjing No. 1 hospital for treatment. .

The preliminary assessment of the injury was that he suffered from a spinal cord impairment.

Speaking to Xinhua, Dr Wang Jun, the doctor in charge of Babayan’s treatment, said that a full assessment of the injury would take 24 to 48 hours.

The doctor added that Babayan is unlikely to be paralysed. 

Source: Xinhua