Jennifer Aniston gives a very awkward interview... but thankfully, it's just a prank

Jennifer Aniston is often known as one of the nicest actresses in Hollywood - even in media interviews.

So imagine when an interviewer from the BBC asks her certain "inappropriate questions" that instantly leads to palpable tension.

But don't worry, Aniston fans. It's just a prank.

The interviewer Chris Stark's colleague Scott Mills asked Aniston to be horrible to him midway during the interview.

When Stark began asking questions about how the Horrible Bosses actress would make the first move, the mood turned sour.

And he fumbled his way until Mills came in to reveal that it was a prank.

The look of relief on his face? Priceless.

(We do think that the Friends actress could have been a little more mean though).

Of course,  Aniston apologised profusely.

Stark is actually well-known for his celebrity interviews because of the way he awkwardly (though endearingly) fumbles his way through celebrity interviews.

His segment with Mila Kunis last year went viral after their conversation revolved solely on Stark's "lad" friends and beer.


He has also interviewed Aniston previously - when she was actually nice. 


Source: YouTube/BBC

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