Thicke mercilessly trolled in #AskThicke publicity stunt

All US broadcaster VH1 wanted was to promote Robin Thicke's new album that was released on Tuesday (July1). 

The idea was simple, use the hashtag #AskThicke so that people could tweet their questions.

But the publicity stunt went completely wrong as the controversial Blurred Lines singer was relentlessly trolled by Twitter users.

One user made the point simply:

Most of the vitriol centered around Thicke's 2013 hit, with the song being criticised as misogynist and promoting rape culture, reported The Guardian. 

Here are some of the abuse that netizens hurled:

User Scriblit is clearly not a fan of the American singer-songwriter's material:

Another took the philosophical route to make the same point:

In a twisted reference to lyrics from Blurred Lines:

Jamie DMJ even took issue with Thicke's photo poses:

Source: Twitter, The Guardian