Watch as family tries to fit a whole sofa into their small car

No this is not part of a circus act.

A family of five was filmed in England trying to fit a large sofa into the back of their small hatchback car.

After several failed attempts, they decided that if they removed the cushions from the sofa they may be able to fit it in.



The hilarious scene was filmed by Mr Graeme Longden, 44, who filmed it from his bedroom.

"I thought there is no was they are going to get that in, so I started filming. I had to stifle my laughter as I watched them trying to wedge it in," he told British media outlet Mirror.

"It probably went on for about five minutes and by the time I had rushed down the stairs to carry on filming they had gone. I can only think that they drove off with the sofa wedged in the back," he added.

He uploaded the video on his Facebook on Aug 12 and at the time of this article, it has been shared over 71,000 times.

As it is with the Internet, some kind soul has added the song from popular British comedy the Benny Hill Show.

We though, cannot stop thinking of this scene from comedy Friends.

Source: Mirror, YouTube, Facebook