Let your fish drive its fish tank around

Being cooped up in a fishbowl at the same spot all day can be boring.

So Mr Thomas de Wolf has invented a robotic tank that will allow your fish friend to explore the world all by itself.

Called the fish on wheels, the motorised tank reads the direction which the fish is swimming towards and translates that into actual movement on wheels.

The tank design looks simple enough, if you know what a beagleboard and arduino are. 

If you're worried about losing track of the tank when you're out, you can just flip the switch and turn it back into a normal fishbowl.

Mr de Wolf, co-founder of Netherlands design firm Studio diip, launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his invention.

Unfortunately, the campaign ended on May 29 without him hitting his goal of €40,000 (S$68,000).

Read more about his campaign here. See more Studio diip projects here.

Sources: Huffington Post, NBC News, Popular Science

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