Novel dining experience: Eat while suspended 50m above ground

Fancy having a meal while suspended 50m above the ground in the heart of Shanghai?

Diners are forking out between 1,888 yuan (S$379) and 8,888 yuan to have a meal at ​Dinner in the Sky, a movable restaurant famous for its sky-high dining, reported.

The platform is raised to that height using a crane.

Besides getting to enjoy breathtaking views of the city, patrons also get to dine on a meal prepared by a world-famous chef.

Dinner in the Sky will be there for only three days starting Friday (June 27). Most of the 308 seats have been booked, reported.

The moveable restaurant has appeared in more than 30 countries including Belgium (pictured below), Lebanon, US and Mexico.

The table can sit 22 guests, and there will be up to five staff to take care of the patrons - the chef, waiter, entertainer, etc - according to the company's website.

But diners have to remain seated with their four-point seat belts strapped on at all times.

While the experience looks interesting, we would rather not try it out in Shanghai. (Remember the air pollution?)

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