Barbie dolls? Pass, kids now want Frozen dolls and Lego

A decade ago, a new Barbie doll would have been on top of many little girls' Christmas wishlist.

But now, with the likes of Lego taking over as world's largest toy maker, Barbie is struggling as a brand.

Its toymaker Mattel reported that the Barbie brand saw a 21 per cent decline in sales during the third quarter, compared to the same period last year.

So what are some of the more popular dolls out there?

Fortunately, top sellers mostly belong to Mattel. So this may guide those of you already thinking about the kids' Christmas gifts.

1. Monster High dolls

This is arguably one of Mattel's most successful doll brands and has created an entire franchise that includes TV specials and upcoming films.

2. Frozen dolls

The hugely popular dolls, currently made by Mattel, from the hit Disney movie Frozen continues to ice out much of its competition.

However, Mattel is in trouble as Disney will be taking its license for the Frozen toys and other Disney princesses over to rival toymaker Hasbro.

3. Lego

These timeless toys has only grown more popular over the years - thanks to the success of The Lego Movie.

4. Tablets for kids

Definitely a sign that technology is an integral part of a kid's life.

It seems many children are making requests for tablets bearing cute games as opposed to wanting actual dolls.

Source: The Washington Post, AFP, Toys R Us and Facebook

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