Dog saves boy from bear attack

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This incident brings to mind the story of David and Goliath.

Only this time, it's Mego the six-year-old shiba inu taking on a wild Asian black bear.

The female pet dog saved a five-year-old Japanese boy from a mauling by the metre-tall bear on Saturday evening, police said.

The boy was taking a walk by the riverside in the city of Odate, in Japan's Akita Prefecture, when the attack happened.

Mego barked “unusually loud” and chased off the animal, a local police spokesman said. 

“The boy suffered slight bruises and was taken to hospital but he was released on the same day,” the spokesman said.

The boy’s 80-year-old great-grandfather, who was nearby, raised the alarm.

When cute becomes scary

The name "Mego" means cute.

“Mego is usually calm and timid. It was a great surprise that she chased away a bear,” the dog’s owner told the Sports Hochi daily.

“Mego has always been his friend and we have rewarded her with meat and other treats.”  

The Sports Hochi reported that the boy’s clothes were torn and his back and bottom were covered in scratches where the bear had apparently clawed at him.

Source: AFP