Japan recalls more than 20,000 bras after complaints about pesky underwires

Japan is recalling more than 22,000 bras after it was found that its underwires could possibly hurt women wearing them.

The Japanese division of lingerie maker Triumph International apologised and said in a statement: "We are sorry for the bother, but we ask customers to stop using the bras immediately." 

Women complained that underwires suddenly poked out - sometimes while women were wearing them.

The bras are only sold in Japan and cost $48 (S$63) to $53. 

While there are complaints, there are no reports of any injuries as a result of the protruding wires.

But Triumph believes that it's better to be safe than sorry

The spokesman said: "It would be terrible if it happened again and somebody's skin was scratched."

The well-known lingerie brand has made a name for itself with unique lingerie such as a solar-powered bra and an "Abenomics" bra that was inspired by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's economic revival plan. 

Source: CNBC