Nutty prof strips in lecture to teach sales pitch

This article is more than 12 months old

"Show, not tell" was apparently this enthusiastic professor's mantra. 

In April, Dr Ian Lamond, an events management lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University, stripped in his lecture as he allegedly tried to teach his class what an exciting sales pitch was.

A 20-second video showed the 51-year-old parading in front of a lecture hall with his shirt and pants in each hand, amid unbridled screams and laughter. 

His antics did not enthuse his employers as much as his students, as the university said it is now investigating the academic's actions, reported the Daily Mail. 

Dr Lamond told Daily Mail that he would not comment while investigations are ongoing. 

But he gave some insights on his style of teaching with this advice he gave on a UK careers website in March.

"Unless you are passionate, you cannot enthuse your students, your colleagues and (importantly) yourself."

Unfortunately, not all of his first-year students picked up his point. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Twitter