Spot the difference: LA lingerie model and friend both nearly eight months pregnant

An LA-based lingerie model caused major controversy this week after pictures of her pregnant, yet very toned, tummy went viral via several reports online.

Sarah Stage, 30, has been posting pictures of herself in different stages of her pregnancy on her Instagram account.

Daily Mail reported that she has left her followers stunned as to how she has managed to maintain a flat, taut stomach despite popping soon.

Some were in awe of her hour-glass figure, while others slammed her for potentially causing harm to her unborn fetus.

Currently nine months pregnant, the animal rights activist has since gained herself a huge following on Instagram with 1.3 million followers.

The gym bunny credits her slim body to her consistent work-outs.

Stage, who is of European and Costa Rican descent, has revealed in a previous interview that although she keeps to a strict diet of quinoa, spinach and chicken, she does sometimes indulge in sinful foods like cheeseburgers.

This is what Stage (below) looked like when she was seven months pregnant.



Some of her detractors were appalled.

"I would be so nervous!

"'The baby is probably really small and I would imagine she will have a hard time making milk."

"Feed the baby! She's just cares about her looks, not the growing of the baby.

"So sad that the baby (will be) so tiny when he comes into the world."

This is what Stage (below) looked like being eight months pregnant.

Not everyone was put off by her tiny tummy.

Some netizens heaped praises on her for still looking sexy at this late stage in pregnancy.

"Everyone is body shaming her.

"It’s really sad how quick everyone is to judge her and say that she is starving her baby, before actually educating yourselves on why she may look so small."

"Cutest bump ever!"

This is Stage (below) currently, at nine months pregnant.

Dr Venkat, Harley Street Fertility Clinic's director, said: "If a woman is healthy - physically and mentally - to start with and if she looks after herself well then she will look radiant.

"The hormones are elevated during pregnancy and women react differently to the hormones. 

"Some women are particularly sensitive to elevated hormones and suffer with symptoms, whereas others sail through without any symptoms."

Her advice? Walking and gentle stretching are the best exercises during pregnancy.

Source: Daily Mail, Instagram/Sarah Stage

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