SSA drops Red Lions name. But these names are available...

The Singapore Swimming Association (SSA) will most likely choose another name for its athletes, after the decision to use the name "Red Lions" was criticised by military men and women in Singapore. 

The name is associated with the national skydiving team - a crowd favourite at the National Day Parade. 

A report in The Straits Times quoted sources who said the decision was made after SSA met with representatives from the Ministry of Defence.

Members of the public had also criticized SSA for its lack of originality.

Well SSA, you're in luck. We've come up with some alternatives. Feel free to use them.

1. Red Loins

Only a switch of letters and clearly more accurate than Red Lions.

2. Red Merlions

The swimmers can't have lions - but merlions are still available and very Singaporean! 

3. Red Lionfish

​Sure, the lionfish is not the most attractive of water dwellers but it packs a powerful sting. And hey, the name still has an Sg connotation,  so national pride is covered.

4. Gold fish

With talent like Joseph Schooling, an Olympic medal feels increasingly within reach. And the gold is something to aspire to. It can also work if no medals are won, then the swimmers can activate that short-term goldfish memory to forget their misery.

But one of the best suggestions comes from an unexpected source.

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong

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