Teen thrown off roller coaster dies

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​An 18-year-old teenager died after he was flung off a roller coaster on Monday afternoon.

Believed to be British, he was holidaying with his parents and a friend at the Spanish theme park called Terra Mitica, meaning 'Mythical Land" in English.

The mishap took place on the Inferno ride, which means hell in the Catalan language. The teen was thrown off after his harness failed.

He suffered horrific injuries, involving multiple fractures and head wounds.

People shouted "drop, drop"

British paper The Express quoted Scottish tourist Lynn Alexander, whose kids were on the same ride five minutes earlier: "We turned around and saw a group of people shouting ‘drop, drop’ and pointing. Then it became apparent what happened and everyone was in shock."

The ride has 360 degree turns and can reach more than 40mph.


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Spanish media reported that the Benidorm court opened an investigation.

A Benidorm National Police spokesman said they were unable to provide information about the victim as investigations are ongoing.

Watch a video of the ride.

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