Watch: Floundering bald eagle gets rescued by passing fisherman

Don Dunbar's day took an unexpected turn when he rescued a young eagle which was floundering in the water just off the coast of Vancouver, Canada.

The fisherman chanced upon a visibly tired-looking eagle floating just a few metres away from his boat last Saturday (Sept 20) reported local Canadian news outlet, The Province. 

Recording the whole encounter on video, he called out to the poor bird and amazingly the bird can been seen paddling its way towards the boat using its wings.

Dunbar then lifted the bird from the sea and into the boat using a net.

As he lifted the poor bird he can be heard chuckling and then asking himself: "Well who is going to believe this now?"

Well, Don, lucky for you you captured the whole thing on camera.

The bird shakes off its initial reservations by coming on board and spreading its wings, probably in an attempt to dry itself.

The eagle getting some sun on the deck. YouTube screengrab/irsrugby1

Dunbar sailed back to shore with his new friend and then he alerted the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, which has been trying to care for the stricken bird.

In an interview with The Province, the society said that while it remains "guarded" over the bird's prognosis, the eagle  was at least able to eat on its own again. 

Source: The Province, YouTube